June 2013  

Last summer I took up my residency on Lewis and what a sunny experience it was. The weather was just beautiful so I was able to get out and have a real look at the land and South Lochs in particular. Since then I have been working on the painting sketches I did there.

I am usually interested in marks on the land made by people and was amazed to find so many layers of marks of human habitation going back to pre-history. Amongst the marks of modern day townships were traces of brochs, bee hive cells, wheel houses and black houses.

Although the scenery was stunning I was more interested in the circular forms of stone that were all about. This Residency has given me a tremendous amount of material to work from.

I am taking part in an exhibition in the Rendezvous Gallery in Aberdeen from:          

Saturday 8th June  –  22nd June 2013.

Harbour Traces Lewis, gouache, 38x38cm, by Ann Wegmuller

June 2012
The finished product with some fine poems by George T Watt, beautifully put together by Dorothy Lawrenson of Perjink Press.

Abune the Toun by George T. Watt, cover by Ann Wegmuller

January 2012

I have been working on a book cover for a book of poetry for George T. Watt. Images of Dundee were requested, not at all my usual thing.

They have now been handed over to the graphic designer to make a selection. It will be very interesting to see the finished product.


November 2011 

I was very pleased last year to be awarded the Rendezvous Gallery Residency Award by the RSW.

I will be going to Lewis for five days to stay in Tigh Alasdair Ruaraidh, 1 Garyvard, an historic house in the South Lochs peninsular. Until 1930 there were no roads to the Lochs district of Lewis and all supplies came by boat and landed at the quayside next to the house. This house also became a centre for religious revival in 1938 with meetings held there till the  start of the Second world war.

Duane Meade, owner of the Rendezvous Gallery in Aberdeen had the house restored from dereliction and it is now a "comfortable residence for artists with an adjoining artists’ workshop".

I will be going in August 2012, something tells me that five days will not be enough.

How I wish I spoke Gaelic!